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About us
Brief introduction of maoqiu Technology
        Sichuan maoqiu Data Technology Group Co., Ltd., established in February 2018, has set up administrative center, cultural and creative center, sales center and R & D center in Chengdu headquarters, and has set up branches in London, Shanghai and other places. Maoqiu science and technology has been deeply engaged in the infrastructure services at the bottom of the blockchain. Since the establishment of the company, maoqiuyi has been committed to providing technology and infrastructure construction services in computing power and other aspects for global blockchain, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and other enterprises. Its services include clean and stable power resource system, standardized design and construction of power center workshop, mature 24-hour server operation and maintenance personnel system, etc. As a leading enterprise in the field of Sichuan blockchain computing infrastructure, maoqiu Technology Group's business scope covers blockchain technology research and development, cloud computing power, computing power server hosting, computing power server sales, computing power center operation and maintenance, blockchain game, blockchain project incubation, blockchain application landing and blockchain industrial real estate, etc.

        Maoqiu Technology Group has always adhered to the innovative development concept of "the bottom drives the world, value leads the future, and brand creates miracle". Relying on the company's advanced blockchain technology and computing power service platform, perfect underlying infrastructure, and strong market resources, the company has continuously expanded the brand strategy of hairball technology in the fields of big data, cloud computing, e-commerce and convenient services, so as to build the most competitive "blockchain +" ecosystem in China.