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        Since its birth, blockchain has been widely praised as a great technology that can change human business logic. However, many speculators and fraudsters use blockchain technology to illegally collect money, which makes the public have a great misunderstanding of this technology. It is believed that blockchain and related derivative industries exist for speculation. This cognition hinders the public's positioning and judgment of the new thing blockchain, and also makes many enterprises who want to embrace technological innovation flinch. With the rapid development of the world today, the world is constantly climbing the height of science and technology, so that people embrace technology, away from speculation, it is imperative.
        With the help of high-quality resources in the industry, chain cloud community has built a complete knowledge sharing ecological community, which is active in blockchain technology contributors, early investors of blockchain assets, economists, and many blockchain entrepreneurs. We collect breakthroughs in cutting-edge technology, and we also focus on the changes it makes to real life. We will be cold professional words chew refined into knowledge and information that ordinary people can absorb, starting from bit by bit, linking technology and the public.
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