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Heavy policy adjustment! National Development and Reform Commission "eliminated industries" and deleted "virtual currency mining"

Published on:2020-09-11 15:37:23

On the morning of November 6, the China government website released the Guiding Catalogue of industrial restructuring (2019 version), which was deliberated and adopted at the Second Committee meeting on August 27, 2019. It is hereby promulgated and will come into effect on January 1, 2020. The catalogue for the guidance of industrial restructuring (2011 Edition) (Amendment) shall be repealed at the same time.

The author carefully checked and found that in the first draft, the "virtual currency mining" in the eliminated industry was deleted!

According to the regulations, the elimination category mainly refers to the backward technology, technology, equipment and products that do not conform to the relevant laws and regulations, do not have the conditions for safe production, seriously waste resources and pollute the environment. In the previous draft, the term "virtual currency mining" was an item that had not been marked with the elimination period or elimination plan, and it was explicitly ordered to be eliminated or eliminated immediately by the national industrial policy.

In fact, the mining industry has the following advantages for China's economy:

1: Make full use of the waste electricity, especially in the rainy season in Sichuan and Yunnan.

2: The core of mining machinery is chip, which promotes the development of China's chip industry.

3: Improve the regional economy and people's income, especially the economy of these backward areas with abundant energy

Of course, there are several disadvantages in the eyes of the government

1: In non wet season, thermal power is used in Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia and other areas, which pollutes the environment.

2: The production of bitcoin promotes virtual currency.

Previously, the Chinese government had no public opposition to mining, but it also issued a number of internal documents. On January 2, 2018, the leading group of the Internet financial risk special rectification Office (hereinafter referred to as "mutual fund rectification office") issued a document, requiring all localities to guide enterprises within their jurisdiction to withdraw from the "mining" business in an orderly manner, and regularly report the work progress. After the draft of the national development and Reform Commission for comments listed it as an industry to be eliminated, all localities began to clear mines.

Who would have expected a 360 degree change in policy. But it is not necessarily related to the previous Politburo collective learning blockchain, because the time is too close!

This policy adjustment has a far-reaching impact. Bitcontinental, Jianan, Shenma and other enterprises will usher in significant benefits. If bitcontinental can solve its internal problems, it will also be of great benefit to the listing. China's blockchain and chip industry may also benefit a lot.

This time, the development and Reform Commission will exclude the eliminated industries, which undoubtedly gives the mining circle a huge advantage! However, Lao Wu should also persuade his friends in the mining circle to avoid high-profile marketing like sun Yuchen; second, he should take the money out to do more poverty alleviation and public welfare, do more AI and blockchain technology, and actively move closer to the government; third, leading enterprises such as bit mainland need to take the lead in actively communicating with the government, and follow the above-mentioned three good and two bad, seek advantages and avoid disadvantages, and guide the industry.

However, it is also necessary to be aware that the previous ban on mining came from the central government's mutual fund regulation office, which was the head of the central government; the deletion and elimination came from the national development and Reform Commission. The former is conservative from the financial point of view, while the latter is open from the perspective of real industry and people's livelihood. Whether there will be a conflict between the two attitudes depends on the attitude of decision makers at a higher level.

Mining enterprises, seize the time, everything has not yet come to cheer.