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Forum on blockchain Industry Development held in Ganzi, Sichuan: promoting the construction of hydropower consumption Park

Published on:2020-09-11 15:39:25

Ganzi daily news yesterday (14), Quanzhou blockchain Industry Development Forum was held in Kangding. The meeting analyzed the situation and difficulties faced by the development of block chain industry in Quanzhou, listened to the opinions and suggestions of enterprises and departments on the development of block chain industry in Quanzhou, and arranged how to further promote the healthy and sustainable development of block chain industry. Liu Chengming, Secretary of the State Party committee, presided over the meeting and delivered a speech. Xiao Youcai, deputy secretary of the State Party committee and governor, and Shi Gang, deputy secretary of the state committee, attended the meeting.

Liu Jixiang, member of the Standing Committee of the state committee and executive vice governor, Du Deqing, deputy governor of the state government, and Chen Tiankang, vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee and director of the State Development and Reform Commission, attended the meeting.

After listening to the speeches of relevant enterprises and departments, Liu Chengming said that the development advantages of blockchain industry in our prefecture are unique, the development momentum is strong, the development potential is huge, and the development environment is superior. Departments at all levels should thoroughly study and implement the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping's important speech on block chain technology, conscientiously implement the decision making arrangements of the Party Central Committee and the provincial Party committee, and deeply recognize that the block chain industry is a new industry that is consistent with the positioning of the Northwest Ecological Demonstration zone and meets the requirements of green and high-quality development, and explores the path of Ganzi to "explore beautiful scenery, namely, Jinshan and Yinshan". It is of great significance to construct the water and electricity consumption Park and make up for the economic losses caused by the epidemic.

Liu Chengming demanded that the whole Prefecture should deepen the ideological understanding and strengthen the study and Research on the frontier theory and technology of blockchain. We should regard blockchain technology as a basic and strategic project, as an important breakthrough and power source to promote high-quality green development, grasp the development trend of blockchain technology, seize development opportunities, actively act as a high starting point planning and high standard construction, accelerate the application of blockchain technology in multiple fields and scenarios, and give full play to the blockchain technology in driving technological breakthroughs To promote economic development and improve people's livelihood.

Second, it is necessary to identify the development orientation and strengthen the confidence in promoting the development of blockchain industry. Based on the development orientation and resource advantages of Ganzi, we should strengthen confidence, boost energy, follow the trend and take advantage of the situation, make good use of the policies on the development of blockchain, find out the problems and factors restricting the development of blockchain in our prefecture, systematically sort out and study the development situation of blockchain in the whole Prefecture, and seize the development opportunities of science and technology represented by blockchain.

Third, we should deepen the application of technology to promote the transformation and upgrading of the whole Prefecture's block chain industry. We should actively encourage and support blockchain enterprises to accelerate the upgrading and transformation, increase policy support in power, finance and taxation, and financial services, and promote the deep integration of blockchain and the real economy; we should explore the application of "blockchain +" in the field of people's livelihood, and provide more intelligent, more convenient and higher quality public services for people of all ethnic groups; we should explore the use of blockchain data sharing model To accelerate the application of 5g, big data, block chain and other technologies in public health, global tourism, agricultural industry, social governance, etc., and further build a smart, information-based, scientific and technological management system.

Fourth, we should highlight key work and develop the blockchain industry from decentralization to centralization. All relevant counties (cities) and departments should improve the station position, strengthen cooperation and close cooperation, further strengthen the guarantee of power and other elements, speed up the construction progress of the project, and fully promote the construction of the block chain industrial park. Fifth, we should strengthen management services and promote the formation of a joint force in the development of blockchain. It is necessary to establish a special leadership class to strengthen the leadership of the blockchain work; to strengthen the environment creation, around the introduction of enterprises, scale improvement, management innovation, etc., formulate targeted and high-value incentive policies to create an open, inclusive, fair and orderly market environment; it is necessary to enhance risk awareness and bottom line thinking, and explore the establishment of a security system that adapts to the technical mechanism of blockchain, Ensure the safe and orderly development of blockchain.

Liu Chengming said that he hoped that all kinds of blockchain enterprises would abide by national laws and regulations, consciously fulfill their social responsibilities such as environmental protection and safety responsibilities, and be models of patriotism, law-abiding operation, entrepreneurship and innovation, so as to make law-abiding integrity become the best business card for themselves and enterprises, concentrate on their main business, work hard to innovate, run enterprises in a down-to-earth manner, and strive to develop the blockchain industry in the whole Prefecture Make positive contributions.

Yin Tianfei, Secretary General of the state government, Deputy Secretary General of the State Party committee, heads of the State Economic and Information Bureau, State Forestry and grass Bureau, and enterprise leaders of Sichuan Datang International Ganzi Hydropower Development Co., Ltd., Danba Yongxi Power Generation Co., Ltd., Sichuan Lecai Yuntian Network Technology Co., Ltd. attended the meeting.

Reporter Yang Jie

Source: Ganzi daily