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Beijing financial technology innovation supervision pilot application publicity: involving blockchain Technology

Published on:2020-09-11 15:42:17

In order to implement the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee, and implement the State Council's reply on comprehensively promoting the comprehensive pilot work plan of Beijing's service industry and fintech development plan (2019-2021), in December 2019, with the support and guidance of the people's Bank of China, Beijing took the lead in carrying out the national pilot project of financial technology innovation. Recently, the second batch of 11 innovative applications were announced to the public. On the basis of the first batch of pilot projects, this publicity application is more beneficial to the people and enterprises, open and inclusive.

Expand business scope and declaration subject. The publicity application broadens the scope of financial business horizontally, covering banking, insurance, non bank payment and other fields; vertically extends the declaration subject, supports technology companies to directly apply for testing, and the financial service innovation and application scenarios involved are provided by licensed financial institutions.

Pay attention to "anti epidemic gene". According to the needs of anti epidemic and returning to production, priority should be given to the application with anti epidemic characteristics, such as the pilot application of ICBC, CCB and China Life Insurance to create non-contact financial services and improve the availability of financial services under the epidemic situation; the pilot application of Bank of Beijing and State Grid credit reporting is efficient and convenient, providing credit support, and accelerating the return of enterprises to production.

Focus on the application of advanced technology. The publicity application focuses on the financial digital scene, and uses the cutting-edge technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain, 5g, Internet of things, etc., to explore, analyze and solve the difficulties and pain points in financial services for people's livelihood, so as to help the digital transformation of the financial industry.

Next, under the guidance of the people's Bank of China, Beijing will steadily promote the pilot work of financial science and technology innovation supervision in Beijing by taking the "fintech development plan (2019-2021)" as the blueprint and taking the construction of Beijing's financial technology and professional service innovation demonstration area as an opportunity, to build financial technology innovation covering institutional autonomy, social supervision, industry self-discipline and government supervision Supervise the "four lines of defense", contribute Beijing's wisdom and share Beijing's experience.